Nassarawa: Land Deal Goes Sour As Dealers Go Under

By: Our Reporter

Dubious land deals has become a rampant occurrence in Nasara a state, given the scramble for it amongst the average income earners.
Viewed against the cost and complexity of gaining access to land in the Federal Capital Territory, people prefer to go to the outskirts to aquire land.
It was in one of such quests that an innocent land buyer recently fell in the hands of scammers, who sold another person’s land to him.
Many have been arrested by the police and monies recovered, while many others have ended up in prisons as a result of such fraudulent activities.

The latest victim in the series of such fraud, was a police officer, who innocently bought a land on behalf of his younger brother, from a dealer, without the the consent of the actual owner.

National TRAIL findings reveal that, one Adamu Garba from Maraba area of Nassarawa state, with his accomplices, sold the piece ofland to Umar Yahaya.

Umar Yahaya made a bank transfer of Three Million, three hundred thousand Naira in favour of Adamu Garba to Guarantee trust bank account number 0233933053 on 25th July 2022.
It was at the point of excavation for the construction of a parameter fence that the real owner of the land surfaced, following which Adamu Garba was summoned.
The owner of that piece of land measuring one thousand square meters, disclosed that, she has not sold or instructed any one to sale her piece of land.

At that point, the victim formally filed a complain with the police authorities, who arrested the parpetrator.
Subsequently, a court order was secured to detain Adamu Garba for two weeks.

While in detention, some payments were made and pledged to refund the balance when release on bail.

The matter however took a different dimension, when he resorted to blackmail.
On the agreed date for the refund, Adamu Garba failed to turn up or send the money. Instead, he resorted to black mail.
He went to take pictures of about ten houses, owned by different landlords in the Same neighbourhood, got a bearly known media company, Karamci, to write a petition against the same person they have defrauded, that as a civil servant, he should not have an income to buy ten houses.
The Karamchi outfit, which claimed to be a media outfit and wrote the letter, never contacted to verify such allegations, but went ahead to write a petition to various government institutions against Umar Yahaya.

The public servant told this medium that he would not give up his money, no matter what blackmail they intend to make.
Adamu Garba in a confessional video made to the police, obtaine bed by this medium says he was invited by the leaders of land dealers in Mararraba, Abuja-Keffi highway, to claim that land and sale, so that they could share the proceed.

Adamu Garba and his co travellers are on the run from the police as at the time of filing this report.

The local land dealers along the Abuja Keffi -highway are known for many shady deals over the years. A situation that landed many of them in various jails. yet that has not served as a lesson to them.

The only thing to save the situation is to register every land transaction with government and,.allow neighborhoods to be extra vigilante.


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