“NGO Founder Champions Feeding Programme for Nigeria’s Vulnerable Population”

By Milcah Tanimu

Dr. Edward Akinlade, the visionary behind the Agege Feeding Programme, has emphasized that the initiative is dedicated to supporting destitutes, disabled individuals, and others facing hardship in Nigeria and across Africa.

Addressing the press regarding the pervasive poverty within the continent, Akinlade underscored the plight of those unable to engage in gainful employment due to various limitations. He lamented the absence of a robust social welfare system in the country, prompting his organization to step in by providing food and financial assistance on a monthly basis.

Highlighting the recent outreach efforts in Portnovo, Benin Republic, Akinlade revealed that both food provisions and monetary aid were distributed to the targeted demographic. This outreach exemplifies the NGO’s commitment to extending support beyond Nigeria’s borders.

With Nigeria grappling with an alarming 40 percent unemployment rate, Akinlade urged fellow compassionate individuals to join hands in this humanitarian endeavor. Recognizing the limitations of government intervention alone, he emphasized the crucial role that organizations and individuals can play in alleviating poverty and uplifting communities.

In recognition of its impactful contributions, the Agege Feeding Programme was recently honored by High Celebrity Squad, a media company, for its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in eradicating poverty and hunger.

Akinlade concluded by reaffirming the importance of collective action in addressing the needs of the less fortunate. By extending a lifeline to vulnerable populations, the Agege Feeding Programme exemplifies the spirit of giving back and fostering hope among those in need.


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