“Pheelz Proudly Embraces the Afrobeats Movement”

By Milcah Tanimu

Renowned music producer Pheelz recently shared his unwavering support for the Afrobeats genre, which he regards as a reflection of the Nigerian and African spirit.

Speaking on the Afrobeats Podcast hosted by Adesope, Pheelz addressed the growing trend of artists distancing themselves from the Afrobeats label. He emphasized that, for him, Afrobeats represents a cultural movement rooted in the essence of Nigerian and African identity. While acknowledging that artists have the prerogative to choose their association with the genre, Pheelz affirmed his allegiance to Afrobeats and pledged to proudly promote its flag.

“To me, Afrobeats is not just a musical label; it embodies our cultural heritage and signifies our identity as Africans. I choose to honor and uphold this collective decision made by our people, and I am committed to representing it proudly.”

Addressing concerns about artistic limitations within the Afrobeats genre, Pheelz asserted that being labeled an Afrobeats artist does not restrict his creative expression across different musical styles.

“Now is the time to showcase the richness of our musical heritage and share our light with the world. We have an opportunity to educate, collaborate, and celebrate our diverse musical traditions,” Pheelz remarked on the importance of embracing the Afrobeats movement.

During the interview, Pheelz also shared his exhilarating experience collaborating with American R&B icon Usher on the track “Ruin” for Usher’s latest album, ‘Coming Home.’ Pheelz expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside an artist he admires and whose music has profoundly influenced him.

Pheelz’s unwavering commitment to the Afrobeats movement underscores the genre’s global impact and cultural significance, as artists like him continue to champion African music on the world stage.


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