NLC Warns Against New Electricity Tariff, Calls it Potentially Disastrous for Nigeria’s Economy

By Milcah Tanimu

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in Kebbi State has strongly criticized the recent increase in electricity tariff by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), labeling it as “capable of destroying the economic prosperity of the nation.” The state Chairman of the NLC, Murtala Usman, made these remarks during a picketing exercise organized by the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) at the offices of the Kaduna Electric Distribution Company (KAEDCO) and the NERC in Birnin Kebbi. Usman emphasized the adverse effects of the tariff hike, citing potential increases in prices of goods, transportation fares, and the risk of businesses, particularly those reliant on electricity, shutting down due to financial constraints. He highlighted the global practice of subsidizing electricity and petrol, asserting Nigeria’s capability as an oil-producing country to provide affordable and accessible energy resources to its citizens. Usman underscored the importance of considering various economic factors, including hyper-inflation, in determining the proposed minimum wage of N615,000. The NLC’s peaceful picketing aimed to convey a message to the government and relevant authorities to reconsider the tariff hike decision. Usman indicated that further actions would be taken by organized labor if the decision is not reversed.


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