Vee Claps Back at Isilomo’s Critique of Her AMVCA Dress

By Milcah Tanimu

Following the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards on May 11, 2024, Isilomo took to Instagram to rate the outfits of attendees, including Vee from season 5 of Big Brother Naija. Isilomo gave Vee’s bright pink gown a harsh rating of 2/10, criticizing its fit, fabric, and design.

Vee responded swiftly, expressing her ignorance of Isilomo’s existence prior to the viral post. Her witty comeback sparked humorous reactions from fans and users on social media.

Isilomo later deleted her critique from her Instagram story, but Vee’s clap back remains a topic of discussion, with fans rallying behind her and praising her confidence. One fan even humorously referenced Isilomo’s time in the Big Brother Naija house.

Vee’s confident response showcases her resilience and ability to handle criticism with grace, further solidifying her position as a fan favorite.


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