Nollywood Actor Timini Confirms Relationship: Balancing Love and Career

By Milcah Tanimu

Nollywood actor Timini has confirmed that he is currently in a relationship, shedding light on his personal life during a candid conversation on Hawa Magaji’s latest YouTube video centered around love and love languages.

During the discussion, Magaji revealed that her love language is quality time and inquired about Timini’s preferred love language. Responding thoughtfully, Timini shared, “My strongest love language is acts of service, and words of affirmation too because I’m a good talker.”

Acknowledging the challenges posed by his busy career, Timini expressed a desire to improve his availability for his partner, recognizing that his demanding work schedule can hinder quality time spent together. He disclosed his aspiration to prioritize spending more meaningful time with his significant other this year.

Surprised by Timini’s openness, Magaji pressed further, asking if he had a girlfriend, to which Timini confirmed affirmatively. He admitted, “Yes, I actually do. I said it. I think I’m in love,” emphasizing the importance of being present in a relationship.

In a previous interview with YouTuber Kamsi Nnamani, Timini delved into the challenges of balancing work and romance, revealing past failed attempts at relationships. He reflected on his decision to prioritize his career over personal commitments, citing instances where relationships proved to be distractions or sources of conflict.

Timini’s candid revelation offers a glimpse into his journey navigating the complexities of love and career, underscoring his commitment to personal growth and fostering meaningful connections despite the challenges he faces.


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