Sheikh Gumi Challenges FG’s Designation of Terrorist Financiers, Citing Legal Process

By Milcah Tanimu

Renowned Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has criticized the Federal Government’s release of a list identifying alleged “terrorist financiers,” emphasizing the importance of due process and legal proceedings in such matters.

The Nigerian government, through the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), recently disclosed a list of 15 entities purportedly involved in funding terrorist operations within the country. Notably, Tukur Mamu, an ally of Sheikh Gumi, was listed as one of the primary financiers and is currently facing trial for his alleged involvement in supporting terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train in March 2022.

Responding to the government’s action, Sheikh Gumi condemned what he perceived as a premature judgment and media trial, asserting that Mamu’s case is already before the courts. He stressed the importance of allowing the legal system to determine guilt or innocence rather than relying on public accusations.

In a public forum organized by Daily Trust, Sheikh Gumi questioned the authority of security agencies to label individuals as terrorist financiers, asserting that such designations should be determined by the courts, not law enforcement agencies. He urged for a fair and impartial legal process, expressing confidence that Mamu would have the opportunity to present his case and challenge any allegations against him.

Sheikh Gumi also highlighted the complexities of his role as a public figure, noting that individuals from all walks of life approach him, including those with dubious backgrounds. He drew parallels with pastors who may encounter criminals seeking guidance but are unable to take direct action against them without proper legal procedures.

Regarding Mamu’s situation, Sheikh Gumi characterized it as a misunderstanding between Mamu and a committee tasked with negotiating the release of victims. He reiterated his stance that Mamu deserves a fair trial and called for the presentation of concrete evidence to support any accusations against him.

In conclusion, Sheikh Gumi emphasized the importance of upholding the principles of justice and due process, urging for restraint from premature judgments and reliance on media sensationalism. He reiterated his support for legal proceedings to determine culpability and ensure justice is served fairly and transparently.


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