NUC Affirms Plan to Expand University Access

By Milcah Tanimu

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has reiterated its commitment to establishing more universities in Nigeria to enhance access to tertiary education across the nation.

In a recent briefing with journalists in Abuja, the acting Executive Secretary of NUC, Chris Maiyaki, disclosed that the commission is set to approve the establishment of two additional universities. This move will elevate the total number of universities in the country to 272.

Maiyaki emphasized the necessity of increasing university capacity to accommodate the overwhelming demand for higher education. He highlighted the disparity between the number of candidates seeking admission, which is nearly two million annually, and the limited admission slots available, ranging between 500,000 and 700,000.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by families striving to secure university education for their children, Maiyaki stressed the imperative of expanding university access to alleviate this burden. He emphasized the critical role universities play in national development and the importance of meeting the growing demand for quality education.

Furthermore, Maiyaki underscored the need to emulate countries like Brazil and Indonesia, which boast over 1,000 universities despite having smaller populations than Nigeria. He outlined ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the university system, including initiatives to facilitate transnational education partnerships by permitting foreign universities to operate within Nigeria.

In conclusion, Maiyaki reaffirmed NUC’s commitment to widening access to higher education through the establishment of additional universities, thereby ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all Nigerians.


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