“Pastor Oladele on Terrorism and Good Governance”

By Milcah Tanimu

In a meeting with journalists ahead of the Christ Apostolic Church’s General Council meeting, Pastor Oladele, the President of the church, addressed several pressing issues and outlined his perspectives on the way forward for Nigeria:

  1. Combatting Terrorism: Pastor Oladele called for the government to publicly identify and shame confirmed terrorists, their sponsors, and accomplices. He emphasized the need for decisive action against terrorism and expressed confidence that with determined will, Nigeria can win the fight against terrorism.
  2. Security Situation: Expressing deep concern over the deteriorating state of security in Nigeria, Pastor Oladele advocated for a collaborative effort, both locally and internationally, to combat terrorism and banditry. He urged a reevaluation of the nation’s security architecture with a focus on prioritizing the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens.
  3. Calls for Restructuring: Pastor Oladele acknowledged the shortcomings of the current governance structure and expressed support for revisiting the regional governance system. He highlighted the need for decentralizing essential services like policing for more efficient outcomes and stressed the importance of a change in mindset among Nigerians.
  4. Kidnapping and Criminal Activities: Pastor Oladele called for governmental will in combating kidnapping and advocated for the arrest and prosecution of individuals promoting banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping. He suggested naming and shaming these individuals as a deterrent measure.
  5. Impersonation within the Church: Pastor Oladele expressed disbelief at individuals who impersonate leaders within the Church and cited legal pronouncements that declared their actions invalid. He expressed confidence that the law would address this matter accordingly.
  6. General Council Meeting: Pastor Oladele outlined the purpose of the General Council meeting as the highest consultative body of the Church, where performance reviews, reports from various departments, and stakeholder comments and suggestions are received.
  7. Ordination of Pastors: Emphasizing that ordination should be based on needs rather than individual demands, Pastor Oladele highlighted the Church’s commitment to human capital development and ongoing training programs for pastors.

In closing, Pastor Oladele urged members of the Christ Apostolic Church to remain steadfast in their faith, play their civic roles as responsible citizens, and advocate for good governance. He encouraged acts of kindness and generosity among affluent members of the Church and reminded followers to maintain hope for a brighter future.


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