Pilgrimage Will Be Strong Spiritual Exercise – Rev. Uja

By Peter OSSAI

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev. Tor Uja has said that the Commission is determined to make Christian Pilgrimage a strong spiritual exercise so that those who go on pilgrimage would not come back the same. He disclosed this in Jos Plataeu State Capital during a meeting with the leadership of the Plateau State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) at the CAN secretariat. He explained that NCPC is empowered by its enabling Act to coordinate and organise Christian pilgrimages to Israel and other Holy sites around the world. Speaking further, the NCPC boss stated that though he assumed office at a very challenging moment of the nation’s economic recession, but God according to him, “is capable of solving Nigeria’s economic situation”. He condemned the protracted violence that has engulfed the nation stating that the Government had the capacity to tackle this violence and that the Church has the capacity also to overcome them. Rev. Uja affirmed that the church was in a better position to support Government even in developmental issues . He admonished the Church to invest in educational issues rather than leaving it for Government alone. The NCPC Boss called on the church to be in the forefront of tackling the issues of Nigeria, adding that Christian Faith is not a Government dependent faith. He urged those who had gone on pilgrimage to find a way of promoting pilgrimage and sponsoring those who have not been on pilgrimage. Rev. Uja enjoined the Church to Show example of those who believe in this country’, affirming that Nigeria is a great Nation with physical man power and spiritual strength. The NCPC helmsman called on the church to move on mass to send a good number of Christians to Israel on Pilgrimage. In his remark, the CAN Chairman, Rev. Soja Bewarang congratulated the NCPC boss for his well deserved appointment. He stated that, “with the appointment of Rev Uja, a new light has come to NCPC and Nigeria”. His Words, “I believed you will transform and inject new life in Christian pilgrimage in Nigeria”. He added, a new focus, a new approach to Christian pilgrimage would be experienced under your leadership. Rev. Bewarang prayed that the success of NCPC boss would be the success of the Church that the church and the Commission should not suffer loss under his tenure and should be able to distinguish himself above his predecessors.


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