Police in Katsina State Dismiss Reports of Food Truck Attack

By Milcah Tanimu

The Katsina State Police Command has refuted claims circulating on social media regarding an alleged attack on a truck loaded with foodstuffs and subsequent looting of the goods.

According to ASP Abubakar Aliyu, the Public Relations Officer of the command, in a statement released on Friday in Katsina, after conducting a thorough investigation, it was concluded that no such incident occurred within the state.

Aliyu stated, “There is no evidence to support claims of a trailer loaded with foodstuffs being attacked or looted by members of the public at any point in time throughout the state, as depicted in the video.”

The command emphasized that the rumor is entirely false and lacks any substantiation.

Furthermore, the public was urged to refrain from spreading false information, as such actions could incite unnecessary panic among residents of the state and the nation as a whole.

The command’s spokesperson emphasized that disseminating baseless rumors is not only mischievous but also poses a threat to the peace and security of society.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Aliyu Musa, affirmed the command’s dedication to maintaining law and order in the state and assured that necessary measures would be taken.

Musa warned against the dissemination of misinformation for malicious purposes, stating that appropriate actions would be taken against those involved.

The public was encouraged to rely on official sources of information and avoid sharing unverified news that could cause undue fear and anxiety among citizens.


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