Reasons for the Delay in Seun Kuti’s Bail – Lawyer Explains

Delay in Seun Kuti’s Bail Due to “Administrative Approval” – Counsel Clarifies

Adeyinka Fusika, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the legal representative for Seun Kuti, the Afrobeat singer currently remanded, has provided an explanation for the delay in securing his client’s bail. According to Fusika, the process is being held up due to the need for “administrative approval.” In a WhatsApp message sent to our correspondent on Tuesday, Fusika emphasized that Seun’s bail proceedings were unrelated to the court session taking place that day.

Seun, charged with assaulting a policeman, granted bail but remains in custody for investigation. Police request extended custody, judge absent due to training. DPP’s advice awaited for prosecution decision.

Court session postponed due to magistrate’s training; DPP advice awaited. Police holding on to the case file, says counsel. Police spokesperson declines to comment due to ongoing court proceedings.

Court session canceled due to magistrate’s training; DPP’s advice awaited. Police investigation team retains case file. Police spokesperson refrains from commenting due to ongoing court proceedings. Lawyer optimistic about singer’s release pending administrative approval. Protesters demand Seun Kuti’s release, garnering support from artists and activist groups.


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