Reyenieju Urges Delta APC Leaders to Support Omo-Agege’s Return

Former House of Representatives member, Mr. Daniel Reyenieju, has called on party leaders in Delta State to set aside their differences and support Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s return.

Reyenieju emphasized that as preparations for Omo-Agege’s homecoming rally gain momentum, it presents a significant opportunity for the APC in Delta State to foster unity and progress within the party.

He highlighted the rally as a platform to reignite enthusiasm among party members and showcase their unwavering support for Omo-Agege’s leadership.

Reyenieju stressed the importance of unity and urged party leaders to rally behind Omo-Agege, noting the positive impact it would have on the party’s growth and cohesion in Delta State.

He emphasized that the rally signifies the APC’s commitment to fulfilling its promises to the people of Delta State and advancing the state’s development agenda.


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