Sokoto Government Criticizes Tambuwal’s Election Claims During Holy Month

The Sokoto State Commissioner for Information, Sambo Danchadi, rebuked former governor Tambuwal’s assertions regarding the 2023 governorship election, deeming them as “ridiculous” and “insulting.” Danchadi emphasized that such claims of election manipulation by the PDP candidate were offensive to the Sokoto electorate who overwhelmingly supported the ruling party and Governor Ahmed Aliyu.

Danchadi reiterated the ruling party’s stance that the PDP’s defeat at the polls stemmed from its poor performance while in office. Describing Tambuwal’s assertion that the PDP won the election but was robbed of victory as a “desecration of the holy month,” he highlighted that the PDP only secured the majority of votes in five out of Sokoto’s 23 local government areas.

Furthermore, Danchadi emphasized that the APC’s victory in the election was substantiated by addressing key issues raised during the campaign. He cited improvements in security, stating that the state was now more secure under APC governance. Danchadi concluded by asserting that the people of Sokoto continue to celebrate the removal of the PDP from the Government House, considering it a positive change.


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