Taraba killings: Council Chair Resigns Over Alleged Govt Indifference.

Taraba killings: Council Chair Resigns Over Alleged Govt Indifference.


Uhuru Samuel Jalingo


Following continued killing of the people of Ussa Local government area of Taraba state by gunmen, the Caretaker Chairman of the local government Honorable Abershi Musa on Wednesday resigned his appointment, citing alleged governor Darius Ishaku’s indifference to the killings as the reason for his resignation.


Musa tendered his resignation letter to the governor on Wednesday evening after serving in the capacity for six months.


Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Musa explained that the inhuman attitude and the inaction of the governor over the continued killings by suspected  herdsmen in Ussa local government was the reason behind his decision to quit the government.


Musa said that it amounts to betrayal if he continues to be part of the government that has shown obvious indifference that borders on complicity in the killings of his people just because he wants to remain in power and enjoy the benefits that come with the position.


“The inhuman attitude of governor Darius Ishaku over the killings of my people in Ussa local government by herdsmen is the reason why I have tendered my resignation letter as a caretaker chairman of the local government. I am not hungry so, i can’t be chairman while my people are being killed and nothing is done about.


“I don’t want to be seen as a compromise in the situation. I want my integrity maintained because my people already know who I am. When the situation started months ago, I quickly informed the governor through phone conversation but no action was taken toward ending the killings. At a joint security meeting again, I drew the attention of the governor but he has refused to respond or take action to end the killings even as we speak.


“My people are being killed on a daily basis for reason best known to the killers and their sponsors and governor Ishaku has refused persistently to comment. Just this week, 15 people were attacked and killed, the palace of (Kwe Ando Madugu), the 3rd class chief of Lisan Chiefdom was also attacked and destroyed by angry youth who believed that I and the chief have the capacity to stop the Fulani attack in the area but are not doing so.


“It is not all about me being chairman. It’s all about the people, the poor masses of the local government. How can I be chairman and watch helplessly when my people are being killed?


“I didn’t beg for the appointment, the governor called me and I gave him condition that the appointment must be the type that I will touch the lives of my Usa people. Even at the joint security meeting, I told the governor that we can not condole any killing in Usa because, our people must farm this year. Farming is the only source of my people’s earning, they didn’t farm last year due to headsmen attacks and they must farm this year to live. It doesn’t matter whether I am chairman or not, all I want is to stop the killings and let my people farm and live a normal life.


“Several questions are being asked on why governor Ishaku has refused to take any action on the continued killings in Ussa. The citizens are saying may be is because Ussa local government did not vote for the governor in the last senatorial election but I think as a politician, you don’t expect certain percentage of votes from people and if the game turn to the opposite then the people automatically become your enemies. But if that is the case, has the governor forgotten so soon that the same people gave him massive votes in 2015 and 2019? I think if that is the governor’s reason then, he is not a politician and is purely inhuman of him.


“I am already discussing with stakeholders on how to stop the situation so, I wish to appeal to people of the local government to remain calm and distance from any action that would spark more trouble in the area” he explained.


Our Correspondent recall that a prominent member of the Ishaku’s cabinet resigned from the government not long ago for reasons most people believe are not unconnected to the killings.


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