“Threats of Consequences: Portable’s Babymama Warns Bobrisky Amidst Singer’s Feud”

In response, Keji, who shares a son with Portable, expressed her displeasure with Bobrisky’s actions. She emphasized that their disagreement doesn’t justify Bobrisky’s curses upon Portable’s children. Keji sternly warned that any harm that comes to her son would result in Bobrisky facing legal consequences, firmly stating that she wouldn’t hesitate to ensure justice is served.

Keji’s outcry comes amidst ongoing drama involving Portable and herself. Their relationship took a tumultuous turn after Portable accused Keji of infidelity, particularly with Koko Zaria, an associate of MC Oluomo. Portable publicly aired his grievances, alleging that Keji had engaged in inappropriate behavior in the presence of their child. In response, Keji vowed to persistently address the matter until resolution, urging Portable to refrain from alienating potential supporters and expressing her desire to avoid conflict in the new year.

The tension between Portable, Keji, and Bobrisky continues to unfold, with social media serving as the battleground for their public disputes.”


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