Traders Union experts provided Fidelcrest review

What is a prop company and what makes Fidelcrest stand out? Traders Union experts have carried out a detailed analysis of Fidelcrest and given their verdict

Proprietary trading or prop trading refers to a trading office or company that allows its clients to trade their own different types of assets (currencies, securities, digital assets). In this way, the company can profit from the activities of the clients who make the trades, rather than receiving a commission on their trades. In Fidelcrest review TU experts will tell you about the details of this proprietary firm.

What is Fidelcrest

Fidelcrest — this private trading company has decided to offer traders a starting balance of €25,000 for just €199. Now, if you want to manage a larger portfolio, you can do so (you can manage €500,000 for €1.449).

This trading firm also enables investors to trade with a leverage of 1:100. However, this option is only available to experienced traders. Moreover, if the trader shows good and optimal results, he or she can increase his or her capital up to 1 million dollars in just 12 months.

Fieldcrest works with a model in which the trader’s profit share is 40%. If you consider trading based on news analysis and fundamental analysis, this company will allow you to implement a strategy that best suits your needs.

Fidelcrest Programs

According to Traders Union Fidelcrest’s remote trading program is designed to provide traders with the opportunity to trade the markets from anywhere in the world. The program offers a range of tools and resources, including access to trading coaches, educational materials, and a community of like-minded traders. Traders in the program are evaluated based on their performance and can progress through a series of levels as they develop their trading skills.

Traders Union experts also told how to get a Funded forex trading account with Fidelcrest and other prop companies.

This is an excellent way for experienced traders to access capital and take their trading to the next level. With a funded account, traders can access significant amounts of capital and use it to trade in the forex markets. Traders in this program are evaluated based on their trading performance and risk management skills and are provided with capital to trade with if they meet the program’s requirements. Fidelcrest’s funded trading program has a range of account sizes available, with the largest account size offering up to $400,000 in the capital.

Finally, Fidelcrest’s challenge program allows traders to compete against other traders to win prizes and gain recognition for their trading skills. The challenge program is designed to help traders develop their skills and gain experience in the markets, while also providing a fun and engaging environment for traders to compete in.

Technology and Tools

Fidelcrest provides traders with access to a range of trading platforms and tools to help them trade the markets. The firm’s proprietary trading platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of features and functionalities that make it easy to place trades and manage positions. Traders can also access a range of third-party trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and cTrader, which provide advanced charting and technical analysis tools.


Traders Union experts said that Fidelcrest is a comprehensive proprietary trading firm that provides traders with access to capital, technology, and support to trade the markets. The firm’s range of trading programs and tools make it a great option for traders who are looking to develop their trading skills and gain access to capital.


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