Uba Sani Presses for Action on Kaduna’s Dilapidated Federal Roads



By Milcah Tanimu

Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani, made a direct appeal to the Ministry of Works and Housing in Abuja, urging swift measures to tackle the dire state of federal roads within the state.

Expressing visible frustration, Governor Sani met with the Minister of Works and Housing, Senator David Umahi, to convey his dismay over the appalling condition of the roads, labeling them as “a nightmare” for commuters and a barrier to economic progress.

Of particular concern to the governor was the perilous condition of the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano highway, which he described as a “death trap.”

“I have come to demand urgent action to address the deplorable state of federal roads in Kaduna State,” Governor Sani emphasized. “The people of Kaduna are enduring hardship, and it is our duty as leaders to ensure that we provide them with adequate infrastructure to enhance their livelihoods.”

Senator Umahi acknowledged the dire situation of the roads and assured Governor Sani that the Ministry was actively engaged in finding solutions.

“We recognize the concerns raised by the Governor and the people of Kaduna State,” Senator Umahi affirmed. “Efforts are underway to allocate necessary funds for road repairs and enhance the transportation network in the state.”

Governor Sani’s visit underscores his commitment to tackling the infrastructure challenges confronting Kaduna State. Earlier engagements, including his interaction with the Minister for Finance to explore financial opportunities for the state, reflect his proactive approach to governance.


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