Unmasking the Abuse of Power: Barrister Ovey Yakubu’s Reign of Injustice in Nasarawa State

By Chike Kummah

The legal profession, designed to champion justice and uphold the rule of law, has been marred by a disheartening case in Nasarawa State. Barrister Ovey Yakubu, an official of the Nigerian Bar Association Lafia, stands accused of abusing his legal prowess to wreak havoc in the lives of his ex-wife, Sarah, and her family.

The saga unfolded when Yakubu allegedly subjected Sarah to domestic abuse and sought to tarnish her professional standing. Matters escalated as he denied her access to their two-year-old child, keeping the innocent toddler in a distant village. Sarah, undeterred by the odds, embarked on a courageous quest to reclaim her son.

Despite successfully retrieving her child, a court judgment favoring Yakubu left Sarah devastated, questioning a judiciary seemingly tilted against her. Beyond the courtroom, Yakubu’s abuse extended to unlawfully detaining and harassing Sarah and her relatives, leveraging his influence to exploit the police force as a tool of intimidation.

The repercussions of Yakubu’s actions reverberate throughout the community, causing emotional trauma, fear, and anxiety for Sarah’s family and sympathizers. Multiple legal battles drained Sarah’s resources, leaving her with limited means to rebuild her life.

As Sarah remains in hiding, Yakubu intensifies his campaign of harassment, filing cases against anyone showing sympathy towards her. This relentless pursuit not only undermines justice but also exposes a complete lack of empathy on Yakubu’s part.

Sarah’s plight raises serious questions about the effectiveness and impartiality of the judiciary system, leaving her in a constant struggle for survival. Urgent action is imperative to prevent further abuse of power and restore public trust in the legal system.

The legal fraternity and authorities in Nasarawa State must swiftly address Barrister Ovey Yakubu’s actions, ensuring accountability within the legal profession. His abuse of power, harassment, and manipulation of the law demand immediate attention to protect the rights of the innocent and restore the honor of the legal system.


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