By: Inuwa Bwala
As at this morning, Friday 29th, a total of N110 million has been collected in support of Honorable Muktari Betara Aliyu’s return bid to the House of Representatives.
The donations were still tumbling in as at the time of writing this piece, while the Expression of interest and Nomination forms have been obtained for him by his constituents.
He is still in far away Saudi Arabia, performing the lesser hajj, while these things are happening. Betara has every cause to smile in the face of this rare show of love and solidarity.
Almost everybody who contributed to Betara’s return bid, was either paying back for the good the lawmaker did to him or to her personally or in appreciation of what he is doing for others. But everybody contributed because of the developmental projects being undertaken by the lawmaker in his constituency.
Although from a different constituency, I identified with the initiative to support him and raise funds in respect of his return because he personally touched my life, when he took over the treatment of my wife in a Dubai hospital, way back in 2018. We have done many other things in common since then, and I felt I need to step forward and be counted as his fan
Betara has set standards for the evaluation of the performance of political office holders, especially legislators.
Those who know him might say he does not need the money being contributed, that is true, but the symbolism of the collection is much more than the difference the money could make to his quest.
Details published by those who initiated the collection indicate that over 600 people made various contributions to the quest, some of whose names were mentioned, while many others made anonymous contributions.
The enthusiasm demonstrated during the picking if Betara’s nomination form was in itself a statement, to the effect that, he maybe running against himself in both the primary and secondary elections.
For some of us who wanted to be amongst the crowd last Thursday, the event was a parade of who is who in Biu emirate politics, just like the list of the donors in his support had virtually every known name in business and politics.
While others seemingly stage managed the contributions in their support, Betara’s support cuts across party and constituency lines, ostensibly with genuine commitment to his return.
Against the background that certain forces may be working against him, I dare say that any attempting to scheme Betara out at both the primaries and the main elections could have catastrophic effects on the political scene.
Much as power resides with the Almighty, and without prejudice to those who may seek to replace him, it seems safe to surmise that Betara is already coasting home to victory. The rest is in the womb if time.

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