Yemi Alade Denounces Blog for Spreading False Information

By Milcah Tanimu

Afrobeat artist Yemi Alade has recently taken to social media to call out a popular blogger for disseminating misinformation about her.

The controversy arose from an alleged interview circulating online in which Yemi Alade was purported to have made statements about her struggles in the music industry, suggesting that she doesn’t win awards in Nigeria because she refuses to engage in certain activities.

Disputing these claims, Yemi Alade condemned the blog for fabricating stories whenever they become idle, labeling their actions as stupidity and lacking intelligence. She expressed her astonishment upon reading the purported interview, denouncing the bloggers as mere rumor mongers of false news.

In her Instagram story, Yemi Alade expressed her frustration with the situation, emphasizing the need for responsible journalism rather than spreading baseless rumors.

It’s worth noting that earlier in January 2024, Dr. Peng King, an X-user, had praised Yemi Alade for her savvy financial moves, particularly her strategic release of African-themed singles before the AFCON, enabling her to capitalize on the event and generate significant revenue.


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