Alert: Shiites Threaten Mass Revolt Nationwide

Release Video On Impending War With Authorities

Nobody Should Take Nigeria For Granted – DHQ

While the Nigerian authorities are still battling to contain the Boko Haran insurgency, there is greater looming danger, following threats by the Shiites Islamic group, that they will avenge the death of their followers killed during their celebrated clash with the Army and other sundry encounters with the authorities.
Our correspondent learnt that the persistent refusal of the sect members to honour any investigative panel or respect any truce may not be unconnected with the plans to hit back at the army and other symbols of authority to avenge the killing of their members and affect the release of their detained leader, Ibrahim Zakzakky.
A video released in Kaduna over the weekend by the group, which has been demanding the immediate and unconditional release of their leader, Ibrahim El Zakzakky, revealed that the sect, with a membership of over five million across Nigeria may have concluded plans to cause mayhem across the country.
The three minutes video, in Hausa catalogued the wrongs allegedly committed against the sect and their plans to retaliate, the manner of which may be deadlier and more sustained than Boko Haram given their size and support bases in Iran and other middle East countries..
Spokesman of the group, whose name was not readily available in the video, was quoted as saying in Hausa, “We will not agree, we will not negotiate, we shall retaliate. We will not announce when, how or where we shall start, but definitely we shall strike against those who have been killing us”.
According to him, security agencies will look for places to hide when they start, and they are not afraid of anybody, stressing that, they believe only in the authority of God, that is why they will not honour any truce, rather, they will fight the authorities, for the alleged killing of their members by the Army during their clash with the entourage of the chief of Army Staff, Lt General Tukur Buratai and other clashes with the authorities.
Explaining why they did not strike since the clash, the man in the video said, they do not want the Government to blame them for its woes, especially the economic crisis, the falling value of the Naira and the high cost of living,
The Military is not however taking the matter lying low as the Defence Headquarters has warned that no group or individual should take the country for granted, as the military has the capacity to contain any further threat to her internal security.
Acting Director, Defence Information, Major General Rabe Abubakar did not respond to our inquiries, but a senior military officer who spoke on conditions of anonymity said, as much as the Armed forces want to allow for free expression of opinions, it will amount to committing mass suicide for any group to hide behind religion and try to commit criminal acts.
While warning that their seeming acts of civility should not be mistaken for a sign of weakness, he warned that Shiite members should not attempt what they threaten they will do.
Similarly, Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO) ACP Olabisi Kolawole, did not respond, despite several calls to her telephone line.
By Chris Richards






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