Asue Ighodalo: The True Edo Pikin with progressive vision

There is no gainsaying the fact that the emergence of Dr. Asue Ighodalo as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in Edo State has sent chills down the spine of the opposition parties in the state ahead of the much-awaited 2024 gubernatorial election.

After several failed attempts by political rivals to find a point of criticism in his candidature for the exalted seat of governor of Edo State, Dr. Ighodalo has continued to shine as the true, most distinguished and illustrious son of the soil in whom all Edolites are well pleased. This explains why the entire state is queuing behind him as the best person to steer its affairs in the direction of sustainable development.

Dr. Ighodalo’s achievements and contributions to society speak for themselves. The ideals and culture of Edo State, where he hails from influenced him throughout his early years. Following his completion of elementary and secondary school in Edo State, Dr. Ighodalo attended the University of Ibadan to complete his studies before going overseas to further hone his abilities. Even though he travelled a lot, he never lost touch with his roots and was always involved in State issues. Dr. Ighodalo has a distinguished professional background in several fields, including law, finance, and entrepreneurship. As the CEO and creator of a prestigious investment company and a foremost Law firm, he has greatly boosted the Nigerian economy and given Nigerians a plethora of work prospects.

The charitable works of Dr. Ighodalo have had a lasting impression on Edo State. He believes that education and youth empowerment are essential to realising the state’s full potential. He has committed himself to fostering the next generation of gifted people through scholarship programmes, vocational training initiatives, and establishment of educational institutions in Edo State.

Despite what his detractors say, Dr. Ighodalo has always taken an active part in Edo State politics. As a respected member of the state’s leading political and sociocultural organisations, he has been a part of several forums such as Alaghodaro, Edo State Economic Team which have all birthed a prosperous future for Edo State.

Dr. Asue Ighodalo is making a strong impression as the candidate of the ruling and dominant political party as the next governor of Edo State. This he has done by showcasing his extensive background, love for the state, and successful track record. In addition, sustainable economic growth, better infrastructure, high-quality healthcare, and expanded educational opportunities for all residents are all part of his vision for Edo State. His goals put a high priority on developing the agricultural sector, creating jobs, and using Edo State’s wealth of natural resources to promote independence and draw in outside capital.

Political opponents of Dr. Asue Ighodalo may try to portray him as unfamiliar, but the reality is that he has proven strong ties within Edo State. His upbringing, education, career achievements, and strong political participation places him above others as a classic son of the state.

His emergence as the PDP’s candidate for governorship of Edo State in 2024 also indicates the party’s confidence in his capacity to steer the state towards development and prosperity. Edo State has more to look forward to under the direction of a seasoned leader with Dr. Ighodalo at the helm.

Asemota Amieghemwen
Edo South PDP Chieftain/ Coordinator EdoforAi
Benin city


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