Axis Communications’ Innovative Security Camera Captures Hockey Game from Underneath the Ice

In the quest for comprehensive security solutions, Axis Communications has revolutionized the field with its range of surveillance cameras, access control, intercom, and audio systems. These technologies are engineered to endure extreme conditions and ensure the safety and performance of businesses. Originating in 1984 and now part of the Canon Group, Axis Communications aims to create a smarter and safer world.

The resilience of Axis security technology was put to an unconventional test when the company filmed an ice hockey game from underneath the rink. Traditional barriers, such as the thick block of ice and the dynamic movements of players, posed unique challenges. Using modular cameras, specifically the AXIS F2135-RE Fisheye Sensor, Axis achieved the impossible angle by freezing the camera within the ice and reflecting the game’s action using a mirror.

The experiment showcased the robustness and adaptability of Axis security cameras, operating efficiently despite the extreme conditions. The camera captured every detail of the intense hockey game, providing a unique and vibrant viewing experience for fans. This innovative approach reflects Axis Communications’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of security technology.

The success of filming from beneath the ice underscores the reliability of Axis cameras, emphasizing their ability to function seamlessly in challenging environments. Axis Communications continues to enhance security systems by integrating sight, sound, analytics, and intelligence. Whether businesses face extreme weather conditions or unconventional filming scenarios, Axis cameras stand ready to capture every moment without compromise, reinforcing their reputation for delivering effective and versatile security solutions.


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