Baseless Allegations Won’t Stop Alkali’s Effort To Develop N’East’s economy – BAVCCA Blasts Critics

THE Bloggers and Vloggers, Content Creators Association in Nigeria (BAVCCA), the umbrella body representing digital content creators, Wednesday, declared that cheap black and baseless allegations would not deter the Managing Director, MD, North East Development Commission (NEDC), Mohammed Alkali from his effort to restore the economy and infrastructural development in the North East geopolitical zone.

Speaking and making their position known during a press conference held in Abuja, the National Coordinator, (BAVCCA), Mrs. Oluwaseun Akinloye, said those who ran to the media to publish tonnes of lies against the NEDC boss were sheer mischief makers and sponsored by their paymasters who do not mean well for the conflict-torn region of the country, but are bent to create and orchestrate disaffection and division that would stall the great and passionate work Alkali and his team are doing to transform the region and ensure the lost glory of the region is recovered and restored.

Akinloye further stated that the impact of NEDC led by Alkali is visible for all to see and he has also ensured transparency in the running of the affairs of the Commission since he was appointed the Managing Director, therefore it is a calculated and deliberate attack on his person and office by disgruntled elements.

According to her, based on their findings as professionals who understand misinformation and hate speech, all the allegations were unfounded that were levelled against the NEDC boss by one Coalition of Civil Society Organisations against Corruption in Northern Nigeria (COCSOCINN), also baseless and lacked credible evidence, which also BAVCCA finds the following flaws in their allegations:- Lack of tangible evidence to substantiate the claims of corruption and mismanagement.- Contradictory and inconsistent narratives that undermine the credibility of their petition.- Disregard for due process and the rule of law in demanding the immediate dismissal of the NEDC MD.- Lack of representation and legitimacy of the COCSOCINN to speak on behalf of civil society.- Concerns about ulterior motives and potential political agendas behind the allegations

She said: “The Bloggers and Vloggers, Content Creators Association in Nigeria (BAVCCA), the umbrella body representing digital content creators, respond to the baseless allegations against the Managing Director of the North East Development Commission (NEDC), Mr. Mohammed Goni Alkali.

“We find it necessary to shed light on the remarkable achievements and impactful work of the NEDC under Mr. Alkali’s leadership. We are deeply concerned by the attempts to discredit the efforts of a public servant dedicated to the development and rehabilitation of the North East region.

“Key Achievements under Mr. Alkali’s Stewardship: Reconstruction of critical infrastructure, including roads, bridges, schools, and healthcare facilities; Provision of humanitarian assistance and relief to internally displaced persons and vulnerable communities; Implementation of livelihood support programmes, empowering the region’s residents, especially women, and youth.

“Prioritization of education and healthcare initiatives, including school construction and social support programs; and Promotion of peace, reconciliation, and community-based peace-building efforts.

“BAVCCA, on behalf of the bloggers, vloggers, and content creators, strongly refutes the allegations against Mr. Alkali and the NEDC. We stand in solidarity with the Managing Director and the commission’s staff in their efforts to rebuild and revitalize the North East region.

“We call on all Nigerians, especially the residents of the North East, to reject the malicious campaign and continue supporting the NEDC’s transformative work under Mr. Alkali’s leadership. We urge the government, development partners, and stakeholders to remain steadfast in their commitment to the region’s development and disregard the unfounded claims.”

Meanwhile, the association in conclusion reaffirmed “confidence in the NEDC’s ability to deliver on its mandate and pledges our unwavering support to Mr. Alkali and his team in their pursuit of sustainable development and the upliftment of the North East region.


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