China to continue to play constructive role for political settlement of Ukraine issue

By He Yin, People’s Daily

Chinese President Xi Jinping held phone talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on April 26. The two sides exchanged views on China-Ukraine relations and the Ukraine crisis.
The international community paid high attention to the phone talks and fully recognized China’s objective and fair position on the Ukraine crisis and the country’s efforts in promoting talks for peace
Xi said China’s readiness to develop relations with Ukraine is consistent and clear-cut, and no matter how the international situation evolves, China will work with Ukraine to advance mutually beneficial cooperation.
Xi stressed that on the Ukraine crisis, China always stands on the side of peace, and its core stance is to facilitate talks for peace.
China will send the Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs to Ukraine and other countries to have in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, Xi said.
Zelensky thanked China for providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and welcomed China’s important role in restoring peace and seeking diplomatic solution to the crisis.
Since the full escalation of the Ukraine crisis, China has been actively speaking out for peace and facilitating talks for peace. Xi has put forward four principles, called for joint efforts in four areas and shared three observations on Ukraine.
Chinese Foreign Ministry has released a 12-point position document on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, including respecting the sovereignty of all countries and resuming peace talks.
China’s efforts to promote peace talks are broadly understood and recognized by the international community.
This March, Xi paid a state visit to Russia and had an in-depth and candid exchange with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The two heads of state signed joint statements, stressing that responsible dialogue is the best way for appropriate solutions.
The Russian side highly praised China’s objective, impartial and balanced position, and expressed that Russia has carefully studied China’s position paper, and is open to talks for peace. Russia welcomes China to play a constructive role in this regard.
China’s objective and fair position on the Ukraine issue and efforts to promote talks for peace are recognized and supported by both Russia and Ukraine.
A prolonged Ukraine crisis serves no one’s interests. An early ceasefire will serve the interests of all parties concerned and also the whole world, and political settlement is the only right way out.
In April this year, Xi held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Beijing. During a trilateral meeting with Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Xi reiterated that China independently decides its position based on the merits of issues, and China’s position on Ukraine boils down to supporting talks for peace.
Von der Leyen and Macron said they appreciate China’s efforts to promote a political settlement and look forward to China playing a more important role. They also said that they are prepared to work with China to find a way to facilitate talks for peace.
When Xi and Brazilian President Lula da Silva held talks in Beijing, the two sides also exchanged views on the Ukraine crisis. They appealed to more countries to play a constructive role for a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. The two presidents agreed to stay in communication on the issue.
China believes that with rational thinking and voices now on the rise, it is important to seize the opportunity and build up favorable conditions for the political settlement of the crisis.
China did not create the Ukraine crisis, nor is it a party to the crisis. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a responsible major country, China would not sit idly by, nor would it add oil to the fire, still less exploit the situation for self gains.
China’s position is clear-cut and consistent. Between peace and war, it chooses peace. Between dialogue and sanctions, it chooses dialogue. Between lowering the temperature and fanning the flames, it chooses the former.
Everything China does is aboveboard. China does not have selfish political interests or engage in geopolitical manipulation. Instead, China is sincerely committed to promoting peace talks and a ceasefire.
However, while China works for peace, certain countries have done everything possible to obstruct peace talks, and even fabricated all kinds of rumors and fallacies to attack and smear China. Such practices are out of their selfish geopolitical interests and completely against the historical trend.
Justice lies in the heart of people. The world can clearly see who is fueling the fight and who is advocating peace talks.
A review of history shows that conflicts in the end have to be settled through dialogue and negotiation. The more difficulties there are, the greater the need to keep space for peace. The more acute the problem is, the more important it is not to give up efforts for dialogue.
As long as all parties embrace the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and pursue equal-footed, rational and results-oriented dialogue and consultation, they will find a reasonable way to resolve the Ukraine crisis.
China will continue to stand firm on the side of peace and dialogue, and on the right side of history. It will work together with the rest of the world to play a constructive role in its own way for the political settlement of the Ukraine issue.


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