Dujiangyan in Sichuan intensifies efforts to protect wildlife

Dujiangyan, a city in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, has boosted local tourism, due in large part to its recent efforts in protecting wildlife.

The city established the Dujiangyan section of the Giant Panda National Park in 2020 by integrating its natural heritage sites, scenic spots, natural reserves, forest parks, and state-owned forest farms. Spanning 394 square kilometers, this section accounts for about one third of the city’s total area.

“The section is home to rare species such as the giant panda, the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey, the takin, and the Chinese dove tree,” explained Jiang Lili, deputy head of the management station of the section. Jiang added that the section is now home to 16 wild giant pandas, nine animal species under first-class state protection in China, and 40 under second-class state protection.

The section has also worked to develop eco-tourism, and has built several forest walkways, stretching less than 100 kilometers, and has also focused on scientific research and education by building science education centers in its peripheral regions.

During the five-day Labor Day holiday, homestay business in Feihong community, Longchi township of Dujiangyan was brisk. “The rooms in my hotel were booked up during the holiday,” said Wu Dengquan, a homestay hotel owner. Wu added that since the inception of the pilot stage of the Giant Panda National Park system, the local ecological environment has been improved, which has attracted droves of visitors. “I upgraded the existing 10 rooms, and built another 19 rooms with glass walls early this year,” said Wu.

In addition, the city has established a long-term protection mechanism to rescue and protect wildlife as much as possible. At present, three municipal wildlife rescue stations are in place. The city conducts three inspection tours for wildlife every month and a one-week inspection tour on the diseases and poaching of wild animals every six months.

“In addition, the city has stepped up efforts to popularize laws and knowledge related to wildlife conservation on World Wildlife Day, Earth Day, etc. to encourage more people to protect wildlife,” said a city official, adding that the city has also shared knowledge of rescue and protection of wildlife with students.

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