El-Rufai’s Criticism of Uba Sani Backfires as Social Media Users Highlight Kaduna’s Past Issues

By Milcah Tanimu

Former Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna faced backlash on social media after taunting his successor, Governor Uba Sani, on X (formerly Twitter).

An X user with the handle @IU_Wakilii posted pictures of Governor Sani alongside heaps of refuse in Kaduna, captioning it: “They thought we were kidding when we said that in just a few months, Governor Uba Sani had changed Kaduna completely. This is the type of change we are getting from the best Governor in Nigeria 😂.”

El-Rufai responded with, “From God we all came, and to Him we shall all return.”

However, this comment drew criticism from X users, who saw it as an attempt to ridicule his successor. Many users pointed out the waste management issues that plagued Kaduna during El-Rufai’s tenure.

One user, @NMnasan, questioned: “Please, just explain to us what and what you did with $350m foreign loan?”

Another user, @FS_Yusuf_, remarked: “Oga, your wail no dey reach us for back seats. Shout harder. The dirt you didn’t clear, he is clearing them for you.”

@Sports_Doctor2 noted: “But sir, these images are from your time, there are images of these piles of rubbish from way back in 2016!!!!”

The controversy highlights the ongoing scrutiny and debate over the management and improvement of Kaduna’s infrastructure and cleanliness under successive administrations.


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