Flood Ravages Abuja Estate Again

Trademore Estate, situated along the Lugbe-Airport Expressway in Abuja, has once more been submerged by a flood.

Videos circulating on social media on Monday highlight the dire situation, with reports alleging that two individuals were swept away by the floodwaters.

This is not the first time Trademore Estate has experienced severe flooding. Recent reports indicate that heavy rains led to the estate being overrun by floodwaters, submerging no fewer than 100 houses.

In 2023, following a similar flood event, the Federal Capital Territory Administration declared Trademore Estate a disaster zone. The Federal Government also issued a threat to demolish the estate due to the recurring flood issues.

The ongoing flooding problem in Trademore Estate underscores the need for urgent and effective flood management and mitigation measures to protect residents and properties from future disasters.


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