Fresh Attack in Kaduna: 87 Abducted by Terrorists

By Milcah Tanimu

In a harrowing incident, terrorists descended upon the Kajuru Station community in Kaduna State, abducting no fewer than 87 individuals, including women and children, in a brazen attack on Sunday night.

The assault has plunged the community into a state of turmoil and trepidation, with some residents already relocating out of fear of further violence.

This latest atrocity adds to a series of attacks that have plagued the Kajuru area in recent times, leaving many locals still held captive by assailants.

Harisu Dari, a representative of the Kaduna Kajuru-Station Youths, recounted the events, stating that the terrorists launched their assault around 10 p.m. on Sunday, ransacking shops for provisions.

Just days prior, 15 women and a man were similarly abducted from the Dogon-Noma community in Kajuru. As of now, there has been no communication with the 87 individuals abducted in the latest attack.

Despite the gravity of the situation, security forces have yet to intervene, leaving villagers feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

Expressing deep concern over the ongoing crisis, Dari emphasized the urgent need for the government to reassess its strategy in combating these terrorists.

Kaduna’s Escalating Kidnapping Crisis

Kaduna has become a hotspot for kidnapping incidents, with the latest attack marking a distressing escalation of violence.

Recent events include the abduction of over 200 pupils and staff from a school in Kaduna, with the kidnappers demanding a staggering sum of N1 billion for their release.

In a promising development, the Kaduna Police Command announced the arrest of a 35-year-old suspect allegedly involved in kidnapping activities. A raid on the suspect’s residence yielded a cache of arms and ammunition, further underscoring the severity of the situation.

Renowned Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi weighed in on the crisis, advocating for a more nuanced approach to addressing the root causes of banditry. He suggested adopting a program akin to the Niger Delta amnesty initiative, aimed at providing bandits with education, healthcare, and improved living conditions as a means of dissuading them from violence.

Gumi’s impassioned plea underscores the pressing need for a multifaceted strategy to tackle Kaduna’s spiraling security challenges, emphasizing the importance of addressing socio-economic disparities to foster lasting peace and stability.


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