Governor Radda Urges Tough Measures Against Illegal Mining, Transparency in Mineral Licensing



By Lateef Taiwo

Katsina State Governor, Malam Dikko Umaru Radda, has called for urgent and robust strategies to combat the scourge of illegal mining activities while advocating for increased transparency and accountability in the mineral sector’s licensing processes.

Governor Radda made the call during an official visit to the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals, Henry Oladele Alake, in Abuja.

While acknowledging the detrimental impact of illegal mining on local communities and the environment, Governor Radda called for enhanced surveillance measures and stricter enforcement of regulations to deter individuals and entities engaged in illegal mining operations.

Recognizing the critical role of inter-governmental collaboration, Governor Radda highlighted key concerns, including illegal mining, community consent, and the need for swift action to unlock the sector’s economic potential.

The Katsina Governor also stressed the imperative of transparency and accountability in the licensing process, urging for greater collaboration between governmental agencies and local communities to strengthen oversight mechanisms and prevent exploitation.

Governor Radda commended Minister Alake’s leadership and the Ministry’s use of Geo-Scan technology, expressing optimism for its potential to attract reputable investors.

In response to Governor Radda’s plea, Minister Alake reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to addressing illegal mining activities and promoting responsible resource management. He pledged to work closely with state governments to develop and implement effective strategies to combat this pressing issue.

Highlighting the need for collective action, Minister Alake proposed a strategic retreat involving all governors to address governance issues and resolve misunderstandings surrounding the sector. This initiative, he said, aims to ensure equitable distribution of mineral wealth while fostering a collaborative environment for sustainable development.

Alake also pointed out the growing interest from foreign investors in Nigeria’s solid minerals sector, acknowledging its potential to drive economic growth, create jobs, and enhance the country’s global competitiveness.

Furthermore, he emphasized the sector’s potential to positively impact local communities, stressing the need for operators to contribute to community development and ensure the equitable distribution of benefits.


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