Group Passes Vote Of Confidence On Tinubu, Kyari

… urges Tinubu to sack under-performing Ministers

A group called Bloggers and Vloggers, Content Creators Association in Nigeria, (BAVCCA), yesterday, passed vote of confidence on President Bola Tinubu and the Group Chief Executive Officer, (GCEO), Engr Mele Kyari over implementation of the Petroleum Industry Act, PIA, and stability in the oil and gas sector.
The leadership of the Association passed the vote of confidence on Tinubu and Kyari in a jointly signed communique by the National President, Comrade Ikechukwu Chukwunyere and Secretary, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed respectively.
The communique reads in part, “We pass a vote of confidence on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Group Chief Executive Officer, GCEO, for the implementation of the Petroleum Industry Act commendable achievements and commitment to addressing the state of Nigeria.
“We congratulate the Group Chief Executive Officer, GCEO, NNPCL, Engr Mele Kyari and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the reopening of the Port Harcourt refinery, this is very commendable and we pray that Dr Kyari continues in his giant strides at NNPCL.
“We encourage him to organize more programmes, interactive sessions or town hall briefings about NNPCL to Nigerians and the media.”
However, the Association also called on the President to sack underperforming Ministers I’m order for them not to be clogs in the wheels of his government.
“We appreciate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s efforts in implementing policies aimed at reviving the economy, creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and combating corruption.
“We urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intensify efforts in tackling the security challenges faced by the nation, ensuring the safety and well-being of all Nigerians.
“We implore President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prioritize measures that stabilize the exchange rates and strengthen the Naira, thereby fostering a healthier economic environment.
“We pray the President to immediately sack under-performing Ministers as we wont tolerate corrupt, lazy and mediocre Ministers.
“We have constituted an independent investigative panel to look into the several allegations of Corruption and oil bunkering against the Navy, these allegations are too grievous and must not be handled with laxity. The committee was also mandated to turn in their reports within seven days.”


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