Katsina State Governor Seeks Closer Ties with Qatar Charity Nigeria Office

From Lateef Taiwo

Governor Dikko Umaru Radda has reaffirmed the Katsina state government’s commitment to fostering a stronger partnership with the Qatar Charity Foundation.

He stated this during his visit to the Qatar Charity Nigeria office in Abuja.

Governor Radda expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts and celebrated the existing relationship between the two entities.

The governor thanked Qatar Charity Nigeria for its contributions to Islamic knowledge enhancement across the country, specifically highlighting the significance of the Islamic center the Charity organisation constructed in Daura.

He acknowledged the center’s potential for learning Quranic memorization, and its role in promoting various student activities relating to Islamic knowledge.

Governor Radda extended appreciation for the boreholes and mosques funded by Qatar Charity Nigeria, emphasizing the positive impact on the lives of the people in Katsina State.

He underscored the importance of personally acknowledging and thanking Qatar Charity Nigeria for its development efforts in the region.

Governor Radda emphasized the need to revitalize the relationship between the Qatar Foundation and the Katsina State Government.

He discussed updating the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State and Qatar Charity and highlighted the state’s urgent need for intervention, particularly in addressing insecurity and banditry.

Governor Radda shared the state’s efforts in setting up a local security outfit, reducing insecurity challenges by seventy percent.
He emphasized the reconstruction of destroyed houses, the return of people to their localities, and the encouragement of larger villages for improved security coordination.

Seeking support for internally displaced persons (IDPs), the governor highlighted ongoing partnerships with UNDP, German and Norwegian embassies for empowerment programmes and housing initiatives. He expressed the state’s continuous need for assistance in areas such as Islamic schools, boreholes, and housing units, particularly in the face of resource challenges exacerbated by insecurity.

Governor Radda outlined plans to build Quranic memorization schools across the three senatorial zones, integrating them with Western education to empower graduates with certificates.

He identified the lack of English and mathematics subjects as challenging, and sought assistance in that direction.

The governor however congratulated the Qatar government for its global economic growth and tourism initiatives, expressing unwavering support for the Qatar Charity Nigeria objectives.

Responding, the Country Director of Qatar Charity Nigeria Office , Hamdi El-Sayid Abdou, expressed delight for the governors visit and commitment to renewing the MOU.

He shared the charity’s focus on education, economic empowerment, health, and scholarship programmes.
Abdou also revealed the foundation’s interest in assisting those affected by banditry, providing scholarships to orphans, and social housing projects.

Abdou concluded by expressing the foundation’s readiness to renew the MOU and complete the Islamic Center in Daura, emphasizing its commitment to making a lasting impact in Katsina State


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