Katsina Unveils 21st Century Training Programme for 10,000 Teachers

From Lateef Taiwo

His Excellency, Governor Dikko Umaru Radda PhD, CON, officially launched a training programme for 10,000 teachers across the state at the Katsina State Secretariat Conference Hall on Tuesday.

Among the participants are the 7,325 newly recruited educators by the Dikko Radda’s administration. The participants will be trained on 21st century teaching methodologies aimed at
empowering students with the best possible learning foundation for their future. It also aims to cultivate a learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also ignites critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in students.

Speaking at the event, Governor Radda emphasised that the State is at the dawn of a new era in education. As a result, it is imperative that the teachers are equipped with cutting-edge teaching methods to deliver world-class education to the youth.

While acknowledging teachers as the cornerstone of a robust education system, he stated that the initiative signifies his administration’s commitment to transforming the state’s educational landscape.

“By embracing modern teaching methodologies, we are empowering our teachers to become catalysts for change. We are preparing them to inspire, challenge, and nurture our students, helping them to reach their full potential,” Governor Radda stated.

The Katsina Governor emphasised the significance of collaboration in ensuring the programme’s success. He commended the teachers’ dedication and passion, acknowledging their vital role in shaping the state’s future. He further recognised the trainers and educational experts, whose guidance and knowledge are essential in this transformative process.

Governor Radda stressed the collective responsibility of building a brighter future for Katsina State. He envisions a future where every child has the opportunity to excel and flourish. The workshop serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and empowering educators to push boundaries and strive for excellence.

While expressing his sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to this initiative’s fruition, Governor Radda wished all participants a successful learning experience
He also urged continued collaboration, support for teachers, and inspiration for students to achieve new heights.

Also speaking at the event, the Honourable Commissioner
Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MBASE),
Hajiya Hadiza Abubakar Yar’adua, emphasised the critical role teachers play in shaping the future. “This training seeks to empower the foundational pillar – Our People,” she declared. By equipping educators with 21st-century teaching methodologies, the programme aims to equip them with the tools to nurture well-rounded, competent, and confident individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Recognising the evolving nature of education, Commissioner Yar’adua stressed the importance of continuous adaptation. The training programme offers innovative teaching strategies, technology integration, and professional development opportunities to keep pace with the dynamic world.

Commissioner Yar’adua expressed appreciation to Governor Radda for his unwavering support and commitment to education. She also commended her Ministry team, TESS (Transforming Education System at State Level), and AGILE for their collaborative efforts in ensuring the programme’s successful execution.


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