Linda Ikeji Denies Changing Son’s Surname

By Milcah Tanimu

Nigerian media personality Linda Ikeji has refuted claims that she changed the surname of her six-year-old son, Jayce. Speculation arose after Ikeji shared a picture of Jayce and his cousin Ryan, referring to her son with her own last name. Some netizens interpreted this as her changing Jayce’s surname from his father’s, Sholaye Jeremi’s, to hers.

Addressing the rumors, Ikeji clarified that her son’s surname has always been Ikeji since his birth. She emphasized that she has never had the time or inclination to change his name and that the decision to change it, if ever, will be left to Jayce when he comes of age. She stated on her Instagram page, “Just to be clear. I’ve never ever had to change my son’s surname. He’s been an Ikeji right from when he was born! Where do I have the time or patience to be changing names? Changing it and keeping his surname (Ikeji) will be up to him when he ages. Food for my junior colleagues.”

Sarah Martins Accuses Yul Edochie of Stealing Ad Earnings

In other news, controversial Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has accused her colleague Yul Edochie of stealing her ad earnings. Martins shared a screenshot of a notification showing that Edochie had collected ad revenue from her video on Facebook.

Martins expressed her frustration on her Instagram story, labeling Edochie as a “better thief” and questioning if he was that desperate for money. She sarcastically suggested that he should openly ask Nigerians for financial help to avoid starving. “This guy na better thief, na so the owuite hold you?? Open your mouth beg oo, make Nigeria gather contribute money for you, make hunger for no kee you,” she wrote.


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