Musician Murdered In Hotel

Deceased’s lawyer petitions IGP, Alleges Cover Up

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Outrage has trailed the death of one Mr. Michael Ajala, 36, a musician under mysterious circumstances within the precinct of Bolingo Hotel situated at the Central Area District of Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja.
According to a petition by Dr. J. Y. Musa of J. Y.Musa &Co, Solicitors and Advocates to the inspector General of Police, the said Michael Ajala was invited to play saxophone at the Bolingo Hotel on june 1 , 2016
The Petition dated July 25, 2016 further stated that on the 1st day of June, 2016, who was 36 years old then informed Esther Ibrahim, his fiancé at about 1pm that he was invited to play saxophone just to enable her know about his movement. However, according to the petition, when the said Esther Ibrahim closed from at about 6pm, she called Michael on his phone number 08068052087 someone else answered the call and asked her relationship with Michael and she responded that she was his fiancée. The person was said to have asked Esther whether Michael was sick before embarking on the journey to Bolingo hotel to which she was said to have answered no and when she asked if anything was wrong with Michael, the person ended the conversation. Esther Ibrahim was said to have become worried and suspicious due to the response and rushed to Bolingo hotel and on getting there, she called the number of late Michael again and a certain policeman came and met her at the gate and told her to calm down. The petition further stated that Esther said she saw about ten policemen around the swimming pool area of Bolingo hotel who told her that Michael fell down and was injured and that a doctor was attending to him. “She insisted on seeing him but they restrained her and another policeman told her that they had rushed Michael to the National Hospital for treatment before her arrival. “At about 8.00pm, Adeolu Ajala and Omolola Ajala, the siblings of the late Michael Ajala arrived Bolingo Hotel, one policeman called Adeolu Ajala aside and whispered to him that he should be a man and that Michael was killed but that they will fish the people out. When the Ajalas insisted on seeing their brother wherever he was, they refused to let them see him and did not allow them to go beyond the reception but kept telling them that Michael had been taken to the National Hospital. “Our instruction further revealed that at about 10pm, the police quickly carried a body into their Hilux van and sped out of Bolingo hotel whereupon the Ajalas rushed to pick a taxi and followed them to the National hospital. It was at the National hospital that they forcefully removed the cloth covering the body and discovered that it was Michael. “He had a sunken face evidence of a very hard object having been used on him. He was bleeding from mouth and nose and hard marks around his neck indicating that he was tortured to death. He was taken to the mortuary straight without a doctor’s certifications at the National hospital. “It was obvious to the Ajalas and the fiancée of the deceased that Michael was murdered and that the management of Bolingo and the police were conspirators in his death”, the petition explained. The petition further stated that on 2nd June 2016, the Ajalas and the fiancée of the deceased went to the Federal Secretariat Police Station and met the investigating police officer whose name they did not know but whose telephone number is 07056276050. The IPO took the Ajalas and the fiancée of the deceased, Esther Ibrahim to see the Divisional Police Officer who was recognized by Esther Ibrahim as one of those who were at Bolingo hotel on the 1st of June 2016 when she arrived there. “It is instructive to mention that our client insisted on having an autopsy conducted on Michael but the DPO claimed that the Bolingo hotel does not have the kind of money required for autopsy and that they can hardly pay their workers’ salaries, a worrisome statement from a senior police officer which is seen by our client as a deliberate effort to cover up the crime. “The matter was eventually transferred to the state command. At the state Command, the Investigating Police Officer whose name is John with telephone number 08033173753 was busy insisting that the Ajalas should negotiate with Bolingo hotel’s management on the matter and was not interested in doing any investigation. The IPO claimed that Bolingo hotel has only deposited N200,000 but the cost of autopsy is N350,000. The foregoing is all the police have done since the gruesome murder of Michael Ajala on the 1st day of June 2016”, the petition added. It stated that the questions the solicitors want answers from the police are why did they lie to the family of Michael Ajala, (the deceased) that he fell down and doctors were attending to him at the National hospital whereas he was kept somewhere inside Bolingo hotel. Why were there so many policemen there and why did they refuse to allow Michael’s family to see him and to know whatever had happened to him? How come the police who were there on the day that Michael died have not been able to unravel who killed him and that there are CCTV Cameras in Bolingo hotel, if the police are sincere, they should bring the video of that day among other questions. When nationalTrail went to the Bolingo on Friday July 29, 2016 to obtain their own side of the story, a young man who refused to disclose his name claimed that there was no management staff around to respond to our questions. The young who claimed to be the acting Administrative Manager also informed that the Chief Security Officer of the hotel whose name he also refused to disclose want to the police station for official matter while the company lawyer was also not on seat. However, a police sergeant who gave his name as James Aba with telephone number 08052625674 told us to drop a contact number for him to pass on to the CSO and the company lawyer. But when he was called around 6pm, he claimed that both of them had left the hotel.


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