Nasarawa Women protest Hits Abuja street, Demand Fairness in Supreme court judgement

…. Accused Nasarawa Emir on allege influence of judges to favour Sule

The “Women for Justice” in Nasarawa state gathered in Abuja Friday, expressing their concerns over potential influence on the impending Supreme Court verdict on Friday regarding the gubernatorial elections held on March 18th, 2023.

Speaking at the Unity Fountain, the group emphasized their commitment to a peaceful protest, seeking justice for what they claim was an unjust electoral process. The women highlighted their trust in the judicial system, but recent developments have raised doubts.

In a statement, they addressed allegations of undue influence by a retired Supreme Court justice and traditional ruler, Honorable Justice Sidi Bage, stating, “Such actions, if proven true, would not only undermine the integrity of the judiciary but also deeply erode the trust and confidence we have placed in the legal system.”

The women expressed concern over religious sentiments introduced by Governor Sule, who accused the judiciary of playing a religious card. They emphasized the diversity within their group, encompassing both Muslim and Christian voters.

The group raised alarm over premature celebrations by the state government circle, hinting at a predetermined judgment. “Our opponents are already announcing the final day of Judgment at the apex court, referring to us as prostitutes, claiming we are wasting our time,” they stated.

Urging fellow citizens to support their cause, the women called for transparency and openness in handling the case. They emphasized their peaceful approach, calling on authorities to ensure the Supreme Court verdict reflects an impartial examination of the facts.

In their concluding remarks, the group stated, “We stand resolutely united in our pursuit of justice, holding firm to the belief that the judiciary will rise above any potential external pressures and deliver a verdict that upholds the principles of fairness, justice, and the will of the people.”

The women called on Nigerians to stand in solidarity, emphasizing that their fight is not just for one election or state but for the integrity of the democratic process and the rights of every citizen.


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