Niger State Government Enhances Healthcare Accessibility Through PHC Focal Centers Initiative

The Niger State Government has embarked on a significant initiative to improve healthcare accessibility across the state by transforming 270 Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) into model focal institutions. This strategic move, spearheaded by Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Dangana, the Commissioner for Primary Healthcare, aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery in all 25 local government areas.

The initiative follows the elevation of the State Primary Healthcare Agency (SPC) into a full-fledged Ministry, championed by Governor Mohammed Umar Bago. By upgrading select PHCs into focal centers, the government intends to create exemplary pilot schemes that will set new standards for healthcare provision.

Under this initiative, approximately 270 out of 1,800 existing PHCs are undergoing transformation, facilitated by collaborations with development partners. These upgraded centers will serve as beacons of quality healthcare delivery, strategically positioned across the state to ensure equitable access to essential services.

Moreover, the state government has allocated a substantial sum of N300 million for immediate disbursement to primary health directorates in all 274 wards. This funding will facilitate the procurement of vital health consumables and logistical support, bolstering the operational capacity of healthcare facilities.

Dr. Dangana emphasized the importance of conducting a comprehensive baseline study to assess existing PHCs. This evaluation will identify areas for improvement, staffing requirements, and equipment needs, laying the groundwork for optimized healthcare services delivery.

Through the PHC Focal Centers Initiative, the Niger State Government reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of its citizens, setting a commendable example for healthcare development in the region.


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