Nigeria Can’t Afford to Fail, Say Governors Sani and Alia

By Milcah Tanimu

Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, and his Benue State counterpart, Rev. Father Hyacinth Alia, emphasized that Nigeria cannot afford to fail due to the detrimental impact it would have on the entire African continent. They made these statements during a lecture organized by Arewa Think Tank in Kaduna State to celebrate the one-year achievements of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Both governors stressed the importance of unity in Nigeria, advocating that religion should not be a divisive factor. They highlighted that President Tinubu’s policies are designed to lead Nigeria to greatness.

Rev. Father Hyacinth Alia, who was the guest speaker at the lecture themed “Our Diversity, Our Strength,” urged Nigerians to appreciate and leverage their diversity. He stated that diversity should not be a source of conflict and tension but rather a foundation for building a more robust and prosperous Nigeria. “If Nigeria fails as a nation, the entire African continent will be affected,” he warned.

Alia praised President Tinubu for bringing hope for unity across different religious, ethnic, and social divides. He noted the progress in various sectors, including infrastructure, education, health, and agriculture, attributing these advancements to the president’s policies.

Senator Uba Sani echoed these sentiments, calling for a unity of purpose among Nigerians to achieve peace and progress. He acknowledged the hardships resulting from the removal of the fuel subsidy and other policies but urged Nigerians to support President Tinubu. Sani highlighted Tinubu’s dedication to the nation, recalling his role in the fight for the return of democratic governance and his financial support for the pro-democracy movement.

In conclusion, both governors underscored the critical need for unity and collective effort to ensure Nigeria’s success, highlighting the significant role Nigeria plays in the stability and progress of Africa.


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