Nigerian Mining Society Urges Full Implementation of Explosives Handling Regulations After Ibadan Explosion

By  Milcah   Tanimu

The Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) has issued a call for the comprehensive implementation of regulations governing the importation and handling of explosives in the mining sector. This appeal follows the Ibadan explosion on January 16, attributed to the storage of explosive materials by illegal miners, resulting in fatalities, injuries, and damage to property. NMGS President Akinade Olatunji stressed the importance of adherence to regulations by stakeholders, including the Mines Inspectorate Department, the State Security Service, and the anti-bomb squad of the Nigeria Police Force. Olatunji emphasized the need for sanctions against violators to deter illegal mining activities and improper explosives storage. He also urged the government to involve mining professionals in advancing the sector, which holds significant potential for growth.


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