Nigerian Police crack down on terrorists, kidnappers in north west.

The Nigeria police have recorded major achievement against terrorists and kidnappers in the northern parts of the country.

According to sources who pleaded for anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the subject

The police has successfully neutralized some kidnappers working with terrorist organization to cause mayhem in the country.

Some members of the terrorist and kidnappers ang were arrested recently and the police is reported to be on the trail of those on the run.

The gang according to our source had carried out several kidnappings and robbery operations in Kaduna state.
One of the bandits who was arrested in the police operation was identified as Isika Lawal who is reported to be 26 years old. He confessed that their gang consists of 25 members and that they are responsible for attacking a school in Kaduna state where 126 students were abducted last year.

He revealed that in the face off with security agencies many of his gang members were killed.

He is reported to have said that himself and some remnant of his gang members took refuge in a hideout in Kaduna forest

He also confessed that they had carried out operations in different places and at different times not only in Kaduna state, but also in Ogun state.

He confirmed that some of their gang members who were killed were involved in the kidnapping of some Chinese workers in Ogun State in June 2021.

Our source quoted him saying, “We kidnapped the 126 students because we were in need of money. I was paid #20,000 from the proceed of the crime”.

He also stated that they targeted diplomats because they believe that diplomats are rich and they could get high ransom from them. According to him it has they take a long time to plan to kidnap some foreigners. “this come as a success for us. If we were not arrested, we plan to kidnapp more in Kaduna state” .

Our source said that the gang is closely linked to the Kaduna terrorists, who are known to be well organized and operate with sophisticated weapons.

He noted that the police was working round the clock to crackdown on these criminal elements and put a stop to their activities.

” The successes we have recorded in recent time is a demonstration and determination

of the Nigeria police to resolutely crack down on diplomats-related crimes and terrorist organizations in Nigeria.” he said.

Furthermore, the source said that the Nigeria police has carried out targeted strikes against these criminal elements that have long been entrenched in Kaduna state through the joint efforts of security agencies. He said that during the operation, the police dispatched a large number of special forces to destroy the gang’s two dens in Kaduna state.

The air force was timely and 10 gang members were killed,including the gang leader. A large number of weapons and equipment including rockets, submachine guns, and motorcycles were recovered.

Recall that on May 12, Nigeria President Buhari formally signed the “Terrorism (Prevention and Suppression) Act 2022”, which made payment of ransome an offence under the act.

What that means is that anyone who pay ransom to kidnappers will be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison. In addition, the law stipulates that the kidnappers who participate in kidnapping and caused the death of their hostage shall be liable to be sentenced to death upon conviction.
While those who did not cause the death of the hostage shall be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police officials said that the promulgation of this bill will further enhance the crack down on kidnapping activities in Nigeria and play an important role in improving the security situation in Nigeria.


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