Nigerians Urged to Exercise Patience with Tinubu’s Economic Policies, Especially on Food Security

Ugochukwu Nnam, the President of the Initiative for Leadership Development and Change (ILDC), has appealed to Nigerians to remain patient and composed amidst the current challenges in food availability. Speaking in Abuja, Nnam emphasized the need to trust President Bola Tinubu’s long-term strategies aimed at enhancing food security in the country.

Nnam underscored that Tinubu’s policies regarding food security are designed for the long haul and are expected to yield significant results in the near future, promising a surplus of food at affordable prices.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by citizens regarding the escalating costs of food items, Nnam attributed the current food shortage to various factors, including banditry which has disrupted agricultural activities by invading farms.

He lauded President Tinubu’s allocation of resources from fuel subsidy removal into the agricultural sector, viewing it as a strategic move to bolster food production. Despite the challenges posed by security threats, Nnam urged Nigerians to maintain faith in the ability of the APC-led government to ensure both environmental and food security.

Furthermore, Nnam encouraged Nigerian youth to consider venturing into agriculture as a means to enhance food security and foster economic independence. He highlighted the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) initiatives, under Tinubu’s leadership, which have injected significant funding into agricultural intervention programs aimed at supporting farmers directly.

Nnam emphasized the importance of youth involvement in farming, asserting that such engagement would not only contribute to food sufficiency but also stimulate economic growth and job creation. He envisioned a future where Nigeria becomes self-sufficient in food production, emphasizing the significance of the adage “producing what we eat and eating what we produce.”


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