Nnamdi Kanu: CSO hails Supreme court over historic Verdict

… Describes judgment as freedom for Nigerians, South East residents

…Advises stakeholders to choose courage over blackmail
From Lateef Taiwo

Following thursdays’ landmark decision of the supreme court between the Federal government and IPOB, a frontline Pro-democracy movement, the Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) has reacted to the Supreme court judgment which affirmed the constitutionality of the ongoing trial of IPOB’s leader before the Nigerian courts. In a statement signed by the groups’ convener, Rev Solomon Semaka, the CSO described the judgement as not only historic but a further affirmation that the rule of law will always prevail over blackmail and sensationalism if our judicial officers are uncompromising and upright in the administration of justice as expected in a democracy ”

“As patriots, it is important to note that prior to this judgement, the deployment of smear campaign, blackmail, slander and propaganda by IPOB and her sympathizers as a tool against the Federal government since the trial of their leader began has been a major focus of the terrorist movement (IPOB)

” By this landmark judgement, Nigerians are as excited and committed at the prospects of a full trial of Nnamdi Kanu as confirmed by the nation’s highest court. The stated noted that nigerians, particularly the good people of the South East region are generally excited by the judgment of the Supreme court which signifies the sincerity of the Nigerian state in her efforts to seek justice for Nigerians in the trial of Nnamdi Kanu since the beginning of the trial ” The group also noted that instead of IPOB and critical stakeholders to reign in on Nnamdi Kanu to denounce violence in its acclaimed struggle, both stakeholders are hell bent on blackmailing the Federal government and twisting narratives on the legitimate trial of Nnamdi Kanu with a view to escaping an open and fair judicial process in line with the rule of law as prescribed by the constitution.

“There’s nothing like political solution in the administration of justice. “All the calls by politicians for a political solution is only for political patronage and nothing more ”
” Further to the above, the judgement of the supreme court has also vindicated our Organization’s earlier position that IPOB and their leadership was on a wild goose chase all along. The judgment has also punctured certain judicial victories previously bandied about by IPOB and her lawyers who are more interested in advancing their selfish interests rather than go through a fair trial to seek justice for their leader.

“Particularly, for instance, the Enugu High court Judgement delivered by justice A O Onovo in favor IPOB couldn’t serve beyond certain pecuniary interests at the time” the group insisted that the supreme judgment marks the end of the road for the violent extremists to give peace a chance in the South East region”
While encouraging stakeholders participation for a peaceful co-existence , the statement cautioned political players and other socio-cultural groups to show sincerity in their comments on the development. The group also blamed economic underdevelopment of the region on IPOB’s extremism , violence and hostility calling on stakeholders especially politicians to desist from playing politics with the issue for personal gains as that would not help the region to recover from IPOB’s inflicted woes on the people. Rev Semaka advised that the courage needed for the stakeholders to call out Nnamdi Kanu to denounce violence was more important than the path to political mind games employed by certain politicians in the region for political patronage.


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