NUC Set to Approve Establishment of Two New Universities Next Week

By Milcah Tanimu

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has disclosed plans to unveil the establishment of two additional universities in the country, bringing the total count to 272 institutions.

Chris Maiyaki, the acting Executive Secretary of the commission, revealed this during a media briefing held in Abuja on Thursday.

Maiyaki emphasized the necessity of continually approving new universities to address the persistent admission deficit in the country. Despite an annual influx of approximately two million candidates seeking admission into universities, the available admission slots typically range between 500,000 and 700,000.

This decision comes amidst ongoing debates surrounding the proliferation of universities, with concerns raised by stakeholders, including the Academic Staff Union of Universities, regarding the government’s approach to expanding the higher education sector amidst financial challenges faced by existing institutions.

Maiyaki defended the need for expanding university access, citing education investment as a key factor distinguishing developed nations from others. He stressed the importance of meeting the demand for quality education in Nigeria by widening access to university education through the establishment of new institutions.

Highlighting examples from other countries like Brazil and Indonesia, where the number of universities surpasses Nigeria’s, Maiyaki underscored ongoing efforts to revitalize the university system. This includes initiatives such as transnational education partnerships and the establishment of distance learning centers to ensure quality education delivery.

Addressing recent concerns regarding the alleged dollarization of tuition fees by private universities, Maiyaki clarified that Nigerian tertiary institutions are prohibited from charging fees in foreign currency. He reassured the public that the NUC had investigated the matter and confirmed that the university in question only charges foreign students in dollars, not Nigerian students.

Maiyaki urged the media to collaborate in disseminating accurate information regarding tuition fee policies to dispel misconceptions surrounding the issue.


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