“Peter Obi’s Education Legacy: Building and Revitalizing Schools in Anambra State”

By Milcah Tanimu

Amidst ongoing discourse surrounding former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi’s contributions to education, a comprehensive look at his initiatives reveals substantial progress in bolstering the state’s educational infrastructure.

While recent attention has focused on a select few schools, including those commissioned by other political figures, a closer examination unveils a broader spectrum of educational advancements spearheaded by Obi’s administration.

One notable achievement is the expansion of Anambra State University, previously known as Anambra State University of Science and Technology. Under Obi’s leadership, the university witnessed significant growth, with the establishment of multiple campuses including Uli, Igbariam, and Awka. Notably, the construction of the Igbariam campus marked a milestone in the university’s evolution, demonstrating Obi’s commitment to enhancing higher education accessibility.

Furthermore, the transformation of the Amaku General Hospital in Awka into a College of Medicine and Teaching Hospital stands as a testament to Obi’s dedication to healthcare education. This conversion, authorized through legislative amendments during his tenure, underscored his proactive approach to addressing healthcare needs while bolstering medical education opportunities in the state.

In addressing criticisms regarding the attribution of school projects to past administrations, it’s imperative to recognize the concept of institutional expansion and diversification. Just as a bank’s branches complement its headquarters and contribute to its overall reach, additional educational campuses serve to broaden access and accommodate growing student populations.

Drawing parallels to other sectors, such as business and healthcare, highlights the common practice of expansion and subsidiary development. Just as Dangote’s refinery represents a new venture within his established conglomerate, the establishment of educational campuses signifies progressive growth within Anambra’s academic landscape.

Ultimately, evaluating Obi’s educational legacy requires a holistic perspective that acknowledges both the breadth and depth of his contributions. Beyond individual projects, his administration’s overarching vision for educational advancement remains a cornerstone of Anambra’s developmental trajectory.


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