“PFN President Consoles Ibadan Explosion Victims, Calls for Action on Mining Safety”

By  Milcah   Tanimu

Bishop Francis Wale Oke, President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), visited the site of the recent explosion in Ibadan and expressed deep concern over the devastating impacts. The explosion, which occurred on Adeyi Street, Bodija, Ibadan, resulted in fatalities, injuries, and significant property damage. Bishop Oke, accompanied by other pastors, commended the swift response of the Oyo State government and called for actions to prevent similar incidents.

Key points from the article:

1. **Expressing Grief:** Bishop Oke visited the site of the explosion and expressed grief over the tragic incident, which claimed lives, caused injuries, and damaged properties. He prayed for the healing of the affected residents and urged the government to address the situation.

2. **Accident Aversion:** The PFN President expressed reservations about storing explosives at a residential area, emphasizing that the accident could have been averted with greater value placed on human lives. He called for security agencies to monitor mining activities and the storage of explosives in the state.

3. **Thorough Investigation:** Bishop Oke called for a thorough investigation to uncover more facts about the incident. He emphasized the need for accountability and understanding the circumstances surrounding the explosion.

4. **Swift Government Response:** The Bishop commended Governor Seyi Makinde for his swift response to the explosion, mobilizing first responders to the scene. He acknowledged the efforts of emergency responders in managing the situation.

5. **Decisive Action Against Corruption:** Bishop Oke called on the Federal Government to take decisive action against corruption, stating that corruption has contributed to various disasters in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of addressing corruption to prevent such incidents.

6. **Support for Affected Families:** The PFN President appealed to the state and federal government to provide necessary support to the affected families and businesses in the area. He urged the deployment of full safety protocols to mitigate the impacts of the explosion.

7. **Prayers and Condolences:** Bishop Oke assured the affected people, the government, and residents of continued prayers from the PFN and other Christian bodies in the country. He led prayers for the families of the victims, officials involved in recovery efforts, the state Governor, and President Tinubu.

8. **Community Awareness:** The Bishop advised residents’ associations and security agencies to keep track of those living in their midst, emphasizing the importance of community awareness.

The visit by Bishop Francis Wale Oke highlights the need for safety measures in mining activities and the importance of government responsiveness in the aftermath of such incidents. The call for decisive action against corruption reflects broader concerns about governance and accountability in Nigeria.


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