Pope Francis Issues Apology Over Homophobic Slur

Pope Francis issued an apology on Tuesday regarding his reported use of a homophobic slur during a private meeting with Italian bishops last week. The Vatican clarified that the Pope did not intend to offend or use homophobic language and extended his apologies to anyone who felt hurt by the term, which was reported by others.

The incident occurred during a meeting with over 250 bishops, where the 87-year-old pontiff allegedly used an offensive term while expressing his opposition to openly homosexual men joining priest training colleges, even if they committed to celibacy. Italian newspapers reported that Pope Francis used the Roman term “frociaggine,” translating to “faggotry.”

These reports caused global headlines and disappointment among LGBTQ groups and practicing Catholics. Some commentators suggested that the Pope might not have been fully aware of the term’s offensive nature.

The Vatican’s statement did not confirm the specific word used but referred to the newspaper articles. It reiterated Pope Francis’ inclusive message: “In the Church there is room for everyone, everyone! Nobody is useless, nobody is superfluous, there is space for everyone. Just as we are, all of us.”


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