President Tinubu Assures South-South Monarchs: Promises Action on East-West Road and Infrastructure


In a pivotal meeting on Tuesday, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu engaged with the South-South Monarch Forum, offering assurances of his commitment to address their concerns. A primary focus was placed on expediting the completion of the long-awaited East-West Road and bolstering overall infrastructure development in the region.

Following the State House meeting, Major General Felix Mujakperuo, Chairman of Delta State Traditional Rulers, and Sergeant Awuse, the paramount ruler of Emuoha Kingdom, conveyed the Forum’s comprehensive list of requests aimed at fostering development in the Niger-Delta region.

Mujakperuo underscored the urgent need to confront the infrastructure challenges plaguing the region, emphasizing the imperative of empowering youth in the Niger Delta. Additionally, he advocated for the construction of the Itakpe-Abuja Railway, presenting it as a viable alternative transportation route from Warri to Abuja.

The South-South Monarch Forum also called for the revival of abandoned ports in the region, citing the potential positive impact on employment opportunities and the broader economy of Nigeria.

Presenting their grievances, Mujakperuo stated, “We come to our listening President with a catalogue of our request in the region. In the region, we produce and we give resources to the country, and yet we are suffering amid plenty. So we just have to catalogue our sufferings and what we want the President to do for us so that we can feel that we are part of this country.”

He continued, “There are a lot of things that we said he should do for us like the East-West Road that has been abandoned for so many years, and most of the roads in the South-South are impassable. We also felt like he should try and link up the Itakpe to Railway to Abuja Railway so that right from Warri we can safely drive to Abuja. What about the abandoned ports? We feel that if those ports are revived, it will bring employment for our people and improve the economy of this country


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