Prof. Pat Utomi Pushes Forward with Mega Party Plans for 2027

By Milcah Tanimu

Renowned political economist Prof. Pat Utomi has reaffirmed his commitment to establishing a mega political party ahead of the 2027 general elections. Utomi, who recently returned to Nigeria from the U.S., expressed his determination to disrupt the current political landscape, which he believes has failed to deliver impactful leadership.

Utomi criticized existing political parties for their inability to serve the nation effectively, asserting that Nigeria’s redemption cannot be achieved through the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) or any opposition party. He emphasized the need for a new political order rooted in values such as integrity, work ethics, and respect for the dignity of citizens.

Highlighting the parochial culture prevailing in Nigerian politics, Utomi stressed the importance of citizens and leaders embracing a mindset focused on the common good rather than self-interest. He outlined his vision for a value-driven citizenship that prioritizes the welfare of others over individual gain.

In pursuit of his goal, Utomi announced plans to hold meetings in Lagos and Abuja to advance discussions on forming the mega party. He emphasized the inclusion of two cohorts of politicians: those who acknowledge past failures and seek redemption (‘mea culpa’ cohort) and those committed to instilling new values in Nigerian politics (‘new value’ cohort).

Utomi’s initiative to establish a mega party gained momentum following his conversations with leaders of opposition parties and presidential candidates from the 2023 general elections. He aims to unite politicians from various backgrounds under a common platform to challenge the status quo and bring about meaningful change in Nigerian politics.


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