“Protests Erupt in Enugu as Calls Intensify for Removal of Federal Commissioner Amid Allegations”



The Amalgamated Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria (ACN) has sounded the alarm over escalating demonstrations outside key government edifices in Enugu. Spearheaded by prominent local figures, these protests demand the ouster of Hon. Ginika Florence Tor, the Federal Commissioner representing Enugu State in the Federal Character Commission (FCC).

The accusations leveled against Tor range from certificate forgery to misconduct and alleged anti-party activities. Protesters assert that Tor habitually undermines others for personal gain, spotlighting a contentious incident involving Hajia Muheeba Dankaka, Chairperson of the FCC. The demonstrators, predominantly comprised of women’s groups and youth, vehemently call for Tor’s immediate dismissal, arrest, and prosecution, citing her purported involvement in various scandals and recurrent entanglements with law enforcement.

Echoing these grievances, the ACN underscores Tor’s track record of targeting individuals who aided her ascent to prominence. They cite instances of purported insults and subversion directed towards key figures such as Princess Ada Ogbu, Geoffrey Onyeama, and Hajia Dankaka. Additionally, the ACN divulges allegations from the All Progressives Congress (APC) accusing Tor of engaging in anti-party activities and attempting to establish a parallel executive committee in Enugu State.

The ACN unequivocally condemns Tor’s alleged conduct as unfit for a state representative and urgently demands her removal. They implore the Enugu State Government to promptly appoint a capable successor to ensure effective representation at the Federal Character Commission.


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